The original Muslin square

The original Muslin square Muslin squares? They are those renowned soft, resistant fabric squares acclaimed by parents for generations! An integral part of baby’s layette, they are used by parents and their babies in so many different ways throughout the day. A child’s bib at mealtime, the square can also be used as a burping […]

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Fine Vintage

Новата текстилна серия на Red Castle е наречена Очаквайте към края на месец Май, 2013 г. Изключително европейско качество и стил, както винаги. Разкошен памук, внимателно подбрани цветове, истински Fine Vintage.  В тази нова серия : Babynomade®, Cocobag®, пелени, завивки, спални чували. 

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